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Download the Legacy Goalscape Desktop app here 

Changes in ver. 2.12.0 (January 14, 2022)

  • New feature: Added 'Get Started with Goalscape' template on initial sign-in.
  • Enhancement: Updated application icon.
  • Fixed issue: Pressing 'd' / 'e' key triggered dictation / emoji options in some macOS environments.
  • Fixed issue: Updated all links to the relevant pages on our Legacy website (

Changes in ver 2.11.3 (May 18, 2021)

  • Enhancement: Improved client reconnection logic with communication channel automatically reset on connection.
  • Enhancement: Improved hotkey shortcuts for Cut/Copy/Paste in different contexts (goal and text).
  • Fixed issue: Hotkey shortcuts for goal name font size adjustment.
  • Fixed issue: Disabled hotkey for unsupported project view changes.
  • Fixed issue: Updated Russian, Japanese and Korean translations.

Goalscape Enterprise only

  • Enhancement: Added native menu item and hotkey for Project View switch between Goal Map and Gantt Chart.
  • Enhancement: Updated Gantt Chart support for custom XML configurations.
  • Enhancement: Updated app logic to load customizations from external config. 

Changes in ver 2.11.2 (April 1, 2021)

  • New feature: Autoupdate with notifications on startup when updates are available.
  • Enhancement: New menu items (including keyboard shortcuts) in Application, Edit and View menus.
  • Enhancement: Mark Goal option is now available in the right-click context menu.
  • Enhancement: Simplified filter options in Highlight Sidebar and style changes.
  • Enhancement: Simplified Goal List with style changes.
  • Fixed issue: Import/Upload of CSV and Microsoft Project XML; Import MMAP (Goalscape Desktop only).
  • Fixed issue: Incorrect display of Alarm Clock icon on Due date for goals with subgoals.
  • Fixed issue: Occasional blank workspace (usually after the application had been running in the background).
  • Fixed issue: Color theme initialization on startup (related to previous issue with Blank project view)
  • Fixed issue: Goal map rendering issue after Cut and Paste goal with subgoals
  • Fixed issue: Disable Spelling option persistence across sessions
  • Fixed issue: Export using Copy to Clipboard in Goal List
  • Fixed issue: Updated English (US and GB) and German translations.

Goalscape Online only

  • Fixed issue: Disabled 'Copy link' option for Goal Attachments, including attachments in Goal Comments.
  • Fixed issue: Removed reference to Attachments (with link) in email notifications.

Changes in ver. 2.10.1 (February 6, 2021)

  • New feature: Server connection confirmation popup on app start. 
  • Fixed issue affecting push updates from server.
  • Fixed issue: Unexpected sign-out after inactivity (eg when computer has been in sleep mode).
  • Fixed issue with sign-in and user workspace loading after sign-out.
  • Enhancement: Improved detection and reconnection following internet disconnection or server restart.
  • Enhancement: Updated Server Connection and Request Error popups.
  • Enhancement: Faster logging with more detailed information (especially in Debug Mode).
  • Enhancement: 'Sign up for free' link in the sign-in screen goes direct to registration page.

Goalscape Desktop only

  • Enhancement: Purchase links go to customer portal login for Goalscape Desktop purchase.

Changes in ver. 2.10.0 (December 22, 2020)

  • New Goalscape Online native desktop apps (Windows and Mac) with captive runtime install (removes dependency on Adobe Flash Player and the browser).
  • New Goalscape Desktop native desktop apps (Windows and Mac) with captive runtime install (removes dependency on Adobe AIR). 

Changes in ver. 2.9.10 (May 10, 2020)

  • New feature: Updated Goalscape publisher certificate.
  • Feature enhancement: Added support for opening/uploading GSP project files downloaded from higher versions.
  • Feature enhancement: Renamed column headers for attribute information in XLSX and CSV reports.
  • Fixed issue: Updated English (US & UK), German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Japanese and Korean language versions.

Changes in ver. 2.9.9 (March 1, 2020)

  • Feature enhancement: Reordered menu items in project Import/Export (Upload Other/Download As) toolbar menus.
  • Feature enhancement: CSV data import logic now handles empty rows.
  • Fixed issue: Resolved errors in Import CSV data.
  • Fixed issue: Updated French, Italian, Portuguese (European and Brazilian) and Japanese language versions.

Goalscape Online only

  • Feature enhancement: Display of Notes icon in the goal map.
  • Feature enhancement: Goal Start and Due dates logic applied on changes.

Changes in ver. 2.9.8 (September 19, 2019)

  • New feature: Esc key cancels any changes made while editing Goal Names in the goal map.
  • Fixed issue: Improvements to goal attachments logic.
  • Fixed issue: Incorrect button labels in popups and message alerts.
  • Fixed issue: Updates for Portuguese language version.
  • Fixed issue: Incorrect paper sizes for project reports.
  • Fixed issue: Updates for application of keyboard shortcuts while editing Goal Names in the panel header.
  • Fixed issue: Corrections for page setup and margin placement in reports.
  • Fixed issue: Persistent note icons in the goal map when changing View.
  • Fixed issue: Updated language versions for German, Brazilian and European Portuguese, Russian, Czech and Slovak and Korean.

Goalscape Online only

  • New feature: Project tab reordering by Drag and Drop.
  • Fixed issue: Improvements to Public project sharing and security.
  • Fixed issue: Faster workspace project loading with open Public projects.
  • Fixed issue: Improvements to restrictions on visibility and access for Goal Comments in projects shared Privately and Publicly.
  • Fixed issue: Enhanced stability in Goal Notes field on auto-commit of text changes while entering text.
  • Fixed issue: Occasional errors during text updates in Goal Names in the panel header.
  • Fixed issue: Enhancements to Goal Attachment upload and download functions.
  • Fixed issue: Goal Comment email notification list not appearing correctly prior to entering initial initial Comment.
  • Fixed issue: Goal Comment in-line attachment upload and download.
  • Fixed issue: Enhanced highlight for matching text in Goal Comments when using Search.

Changes in ver. 2.9.7 (October 29, 2018)

  • New feature: Exported reports now include Goal Color and Goal Marker.
  • New feature: Report Options for XLSX and CSV include new options 'Show Goal Color' and 'Show Goal Marker'
  • New feature: Import CSV function now covers Goal Color and Goal Marker
  • New feature: Full-full coloring of goals is automatically enabled for new projects.
  • Fixed issue: Hotkey shortcuts now work consistently when editing goal names in the panel header.
  • Fixed issue: Updated goal coloring logic to improve undo/redo functionality.
  • Fixed issue: Focus now changes appropriately on selection of parent or higher ancestor via breadcrumb links or use of cursor arrows.
  • Fixed issue: Goal Coloring applied consistently to reflect 'Apply to subgoals' setting
  • Fixed issue: Ctrl+ Delete and Ctrl+ Backspace now both work correctly (to delete the selected goal) in Goalscape Desktop under Windows 10.
  • Fixed issue: CSV import now accommodates space characters around comma delimiters. 
  • Fixed issue: Hide completed goals now works correctly for colored goals when progress < 100%.
  • Fixed issue: Image Report preview now shows the correct image size when larger paper sizes are selected.
  • Fixed issue: DOCX report title page now shows the correct date.
  • Fixed issue: updates for German, Spanish, French, Czech, Slovak, Japanese and Korean language versions.

Goalscape Online only

  • Fixed issue: Corrected spelling of 'einladen' in German locale for Goalscape Free on-screen notice.
  • Fixed issue: Full fill goal coloring is now auto-enabled for collaborators with Editor access when they apply Goal Colors.

Changes in ver. 2.9.6 (February 27, 2018)

  • Fixed Issue: Occasional error that affected the order of a set of neighbors (subgoals of the same parent) as displayed in the map.
  • Fixed Issue: Language names now appear consistently in the Goalscape menu.
  • Fixed Issue: Language updates for Polish and Korean.

Goalscape Online only:

  • Fixed issue: Intermediate SSL Certification error that caused a security warning in some environments.
  • Fixed Issue: User authentication errors when viewing Public projects.
  • Fixed Issue: Minor anomalies in shared project access when user status of Owner or collaborator changes (from Unlimited to Free user and vice versa).

Changes in ver. 2.9.5 (December 29, 2017):

  • New Feature: Full fill goal coloring setting is automatically enabled when color is applied to any goal.
  • New feature: Keyboard hotkey shortcut Ctrl + F (MS-Win) or cmd + F (MacOS) for Full Screen Mode (Goalscape Desktop only – Goalscape Online uses the relevant browser function).
  • Fixed Issue: Fixed Issue: Goal map navigation by arrow keys now includes access to the main goal.
  • Fixed Issue: Goal panel drag handle (project view divider) now appears correctly in Full Screen mode.
  • Fixed Issue: Occasional incorrect styling of Notes tab label on startup.
  • Fixed Issue: In Focus View the miniature now correctly reflects the overall project, the area in Focus and the selected goal.
  • Fixed Issue: Updated handling of external video links to YouTube and Vimeo within the goal Notes and Comments (videos now always open in the web browser).
  • Fixed Issue: Language updates for German, Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian and European Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Slovak and Japanese versions.
  • Fixed Issue: Japanese and Korean goal names and other labels now appear correctly on startup.

Goalscape Online only:

  • Fixed issue: Updated handling of remote request timeout.

Changes in ver. 2.9.4 (September 24, 2017):

  • New Feature: Upload/Import Goalscape CSV: source file can contain all the data generated by CSV export or a subset of that data.
  • New feature: Keyboard hotkey shortcut Ctrl + L (MS-Win) and cmd + L (MacOS) to toggle show/hide Goal List (Goalscape Desktop only).
  • Fixed Issue: Missing Japanese and Korean text in Settings screen.
  • Fixed Issue: Updates for Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, French, Russian, Polish and Korean languages.
  • Fixed Issue: Direct export to PDF Report now always includes all the latest project changes.
  • Fixed Issue: PDF reporting enhancements for faster download/export now also work for DOCX report and PDF snapshot.
  • Fixed Issue: In the Report Options screen, the goal level range selection slider now consistently displays the base level as '0' (Main Goal) and the minimum selection as '1' (Level 1 subgoals).
  • Fixed issue: The menu option File > Recent projects now displays the list correctly on startup, however many projects are open in the workspace.
  • Fixed issue: Minor changes to menu options for clarity and consistency.

Goalscape Online only:

  • Fixed Issue: When uploading a GSP file that references attachment files, the Defer button now appears consistently.

Changes in ver. 2.9.3 (August 16, 2017):

  • New feature: Icons on goals to indicate presence of Notes or Attachments (with a Disable option in Settings).
  • New feature: Right-click context menu is available in the Goal List, with options for Zero/Complete Progress and Focus View (other options to follow).
  • New feature: Project tab re-ordering by drag and drop (Goalscape Desktop only).
  • New feature: Brazilian and European Portuguese language support.
  • Fixed Issue: Notes text indentation is no longer lost on selecting a different goal.
  • Fixed Issue: The Report Options preview generation function now has a Cancel button to terminate a slow preview.
  • Fixed issue: Updates for Russian, Spanish, Polish and Korean languages.
  • Fixed issue: Occasional freeze on Closing the Goal List when in Tree View.

Goalscape Online Only:

  • New feature: On initial sign-in the default language preference is selected according to the browser settings.

Changes in ver. 2.9.2 (June 8, 2017):

* New Feature: Goal Path (to indicate location of selected goal) displayed in the panel header when goal details are shown.
* New feature: Panel header now displays very long goal names in their entirety.
* New feature: New columns in Goal List > Table View to indicate presence of Attachments and Notes text.
* New feature: Reporting subsystem improvements: 

  • New report type "PDF goal map vector image" (fix in progress for known rendering issue).
  • Improvements to Report Options window, including zoom functions, preview appearance and repositioned controls
  • Better support for very large projects, including optional preview generation
  • Ability to restrict report to a specific range of goal levels
  • Option to include the goal path in PDF and DOCX reports
  • XLSX and CSV reports now include columns for Custom Notes.

* Fixed Issue: Show/hide details button now works correctly while the Notes are being edited.
* Fixed Issue: Arrows on the Anchor Bar (to Collapse/Expand levels) are more accurately positioned wrt the bar border.
* Fixed Issue: Manage Dictionary popup now appears correctly on second and subsequent calls.
* Fixed issue: Updates for German, Spanish, Russian, Korean language versions.

Goalscape Online Only:

* Fixed Issue: Occasional GoalNotFound error following certain updates (in a particular order) by two users.
* Fixed Issue: Corrupted goal map when goals are dragged and dropped simultaneously by multiple collaborators
* Fixed Issue: Share screen is more user friendly and includes popup messages about the status of new users to be added. 

Changes in ver. 2.9.1 (December 29, 2016):

* New Feature: Tutorial tip on the Settings button to assist first time users.

* New Feature: Goal borders are finer and are rendered in a neutral gray color, regardless of the background color selection.
* Fixed Issue: Resolved occasional error where Goal List popup wrongly included matching goals when there were no matches for the selected filter criteria.
* Fixed Issue: Resolved intermittent 'black goal' error on unchecking 'Use for all projects' in the color settings.
* Fixed Issue: Resolved intermittent error rendering the shadow on all edges of the selected goal.
* Fixed Issue: When full-fill goal coloring is enabled, there was a lack of white contrast for goals with no color upon mouseover and selection. 
* Fixed Issue: Updated language strings for multiple languages.
* Fixed Issue: Minor performance improvements for goal map rendering.
* Fixed Issue: Improved the look of the Infopoint, Help and Settings buttons.

Changes in ver. 2.9.0 (October 23, 2016):

* New feature: Full-fill color user setting for a new look to the goal map. 
* New feature: Extended goal filter and highlight functionality to allow selection by Due date.
* New feature: Choice of default font size (per project) for text notes in new goals.
* New feature: Enhanced UI fonts for all languages.
* New feature: The Goal List accessed via the Filter sidebar now shows Dates (when selected in the filter) and includes a new Table View that can be sorted by column header (eg by Due date).
* New feature: Reporting option to choose the focused goal map view instead of the entire project (PDF, DOCX, CSV, XLSX).
* New feature: Extended range of 'paper size' for high definition image exports (A1, A0).
* New feature: Support for download of external attachments originating from Goalscape Online projects.
* New feature: Enhanced goal map graphics with more distinctive goal boundaries. 
* Fixed issue: Search input field correctly pre-selects existing text.  
* Fixed issue: Extended hotkey shortcuts to include INSERT to Add Subgoal and Shift+ INSERT to Add Neighbor
* Fixed issue: Report Options Project Preview for DOCX and PDF exports now displays correct image according to goal map Focus.
* Fixed issue: Error in right-click context menu option for Focus View.
* Fixed issue: DOCX export now includes Custom Notes content.
* Fixed issue: Faster goal map rendering response during importance drag operations. Solution utilises lazy rendering on outer levels.
* Fixed issue: Hide completed goal feature copes with importance drag up to 100% then back down in one motion.

Goalscape Online Only:

* New feature: When the same user opens the same project more than once, she will see her presence icon on the goal map (in the most recent goal selected for all the user instances) and her username on the collaborator list in the Share screen.
* New feature: Users will now receive email notifications of their own Comments when their username is checked in the Email notifications list.
* Fixed issue: When multiple users are working on the same project the presence icons now appear reliably in the goal map and in the list at the foot of the screen.

Goalscape Enterprise Only:

* New Feature:  Improved dashboard for supervisors with:

  • More intuitive user interface
  • Per-user activity log
  • User search (by Name)
  • Filter users by Group
  • Goalscape Enterprise server activity summary report for a specified date range.

Changes in ver. 2.8.3 (March 20, 2016):

* New feature: Debug mode option (under main application menu) to switch on logging of detailed diagnostic information.
* New feature: Tags are now included in PDF and DOCX reports.
* New feature: Import/Upload MS Project XML function extended to accommodate XML files exported from other PM tools (eg Merlin Project).
* New feature: Additional CTRL/CMD= keyboard shortcut for goal name font size increase.
* Fixed issue: Sudden rapid changes to Importance by dragging slider or hot button no longer causes goal map rendering errors.
* Fixed issue: Tab and Enter keys now work as expected in popups.
* Fixed issue: Improved error handling and reporting, with enhanced diagnostic logging for activation and validation processes.
* Fixed issue: Support for email addresses using new top-level domain names.
* Fixed issue: XLSX export now permits incompatible characters.
* Fixed issue: Updated Infopoint videos and Get Started template.
* Fixed issue: Updated activation and validation error popup messages.
* Fixed issue: Changes to Purchase option in Welcome popup to reflect full product set.
* Fixed issue: UI changes for certain languages.
* Fixed issue: Updated language translations (German, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish, Slovak, Czech).
* Fixed issue: Reorganization of native menu items under Main, File, Help.
* Fixed issue: In Search field keyboard inputs (left and right cursor keys) are now handled correctly.
* Fixed issue: When viewing attached image files in Full Screen mode: Esc key now only closes the image popup; only exits Full Screen mode when images are not displayed. Mouse-over an image thumbnail preview could prematurely exit fullscreen mode.
* Fixed issue: Goal traffic light markers could wrongly linger on the goal map.
* Fixed issue: Tutorial tip for goal map levels expand/collapse was not correctly displayed if the goal map had 3 or more levels.

Goalscape Online Only:

* Fixed issue: Occasional failed validation of email addresses in the Share popup.

Changes in ver. 2.8.2 (December 20, 2015):

* Fixed issue: Goalscape Desktop Preferences (Customization settings, last-open projects and recent project lists) are maintained for users updating from 2.7.x versions.
* Fixed issue: French, Polish and Russian language updates.

NOTICE: Due to recent changes to the Adobe AIR environment and the new support for high resolution displays, updating an existing installation of Goalscape Desktop from version 2.7.6 or earlier will require reactivation of the software.

Changes in ver. 2.8.1 (December 7, 2015):

* Fixed issue: Resolved problem activating Goalscape Desktop in some environments.

Changes in ver 2.8 (November 28, 2015):

* New feature: Support for high resolution displays such as Apple Retina.  
* New feature: Application icon and branding.
* Fixed issue: Minor styling improvements.
* Fixed issue: Language updates: Polish, Russian.
* Fixed issue: XLSX export support for for very rare incompatible characters.

Goalscape Online only:

* New feature: Freemium account support.

Changes in ver. 2.7.6 (June 29, 2015):

* New feature: Goal date suppression via Customization settings.
* Fixed issue: Goalscape Desktop activation timeout problem.
* Fixed issue: Layout changes in the Highlight Sidebar.
* Fixed issue: Alarm clock icons sometimes appearing in the goal map when disabled in Customization settings.

Changes in ver. 2.7.5 (February 11, 2015):

* New feature: Complete goal checkbox in the Panel header.
* Fixed issue: Font changes.
* Fixed issue: Updates to language translations.
* Fixed issue: Updates to the Get Started with Goalscape template project.

Changes in ver. 2.7.4 (January 24, 2015):

* New feature: Improved custom UI coloring, additional theme color sets.
* Fixed issue: Escape key now closes the popups for Customize and (in Goalscape Connect) Share.
* Fixed issue: Italian, Russian string updates.
* Fixed issue: Export to Excel could produce non readable documents.
* Fixed issue: Support for additional file attachment types.
* Fixed issue: Support for very long attachment file names.
* Fixed issue: The "Hide Complete Goals" control now works when no filtering criteria is defined.
* Fixed issue: Filtered view in goal map and goal list now updates correctly when Responsible or Tag is selected, filtering criteria is changed or goals deleted.

Goalscape Connect only:

* New feature: More detailed error description upon detecting data integrity errors while loading a project.
* Fixed issue: Improved rendering of goal arcs and arc icons for better support of project reloads.
* Fixed issue: Resolved pie rendering issues on updates to shared projects by other users.
* Fixed issue: Copy goal error when pasting into a project with existing unused Tags.
* Fixed issue: In Focus view on reload the Miniature now renders with correct goal arc colors.
* Fixed issue: Collaboration alerts now display correctly on concurrent goal selection.
* Fixed issue: Clipped Add button in Share popup
* Fixed issue: Project person/tag not being added when new goal responsible/tag is assigned
* Fixed issue: Browser window title now changes immediately to match the selected goal name.
* Fixed issue: Removed the redundant "Sync to mobile" checkbox in the share settings popup. The mobile app project list matches the open projects displayed on the workspace in the web application.

Changes in ver. 2.7.3 (April 9, 2014):

* New feature: Goal List popup accessed from the Highlight Filtering Sidebar to enable GTD type workflow. Displays a list of goals according to filter selections (by Date, Responsibility, Tag); permits goal selection and updates of goal attributes (hotkeys supported) and allows export (via clipboard).
* New feature: Highlight Sidebar toggle between applying Boolean AND ('All') and Boolean OR ('Any') to multiple selections in Responsibility and Tag.
* New feature: ENTER key defined as hotkey shortcut to edit name of selected goal
* New feature: Moved Responsible and Tag fields above Dates in Panel for easier access via keyboard (tabbing between fields).
* Fixed issue: Greatly improved rendering performance of the goal map for very large projects.
* Fixed issue: Improved response when selecting goals on very large projects.
* Fixed issue: Improved usability of up/down arrows on Anchor Bar to Expand/Collapse Levels (better support for repeated operation by multiple clicks).

Changes in ver. 2.7.2 (November 11, 2013):

* New feature: Text notes tab re-ordering by drag and drop.
* New feature: Tag column added to XLSX and CSV export files.
* New feature: Language support for Russian.
* New feature: Language support for Polish.
* New feature: PDF and DOCX preview and report title page displays the name of the project rather than the generic "Goalscape Report" label.
* New feature: Added hotkey shortcut tips in the Goal Edit drop-down menu.
* New feature: Updated translations in local language versions.
* New feature: The goal properties panel can now be completely hidden by sliding it to the right edge of the main display window.
* Fixed issue: Spellcheck can now be permanently disabled, via the right-click context menu in Notes and (in Goalscape Connect) Goal Chat.
* Fixed issue: Spellcheck 'Add To Dictionary' function permanently saves new words.
* Fixed Issue: Updated the Undo/Redo logic to maintain original goal importance when undoing goal move.
* Fixed Issue: Goal focus on double-click during inline editing of goal name.
* Fixed Issue: Show/Hide Details button label in Panel updates correctly upon language change.
* Fixed Issue: Text indent in notes editor indents whole paragraph, instead of just the first line.
* Fixed Issue: Better control of goal name resizing to prevent them being rendered too big and thus curtailed.
* Fixed issue: Rare loading issue in the built-in YouTube player used for video links in text notes.
* Fixed issue: Possible wrong color or shade used for goal names on the goal map.
* Fixed issue: Corrupt layout in PDF reports on projects with very long goal names.
* Fixed issue: Intermittent issue using drag and drop to move or copy goals after a previous drag and drop operation.
* Fixed issue: Disabled auto-show of the Goal Edit drop-down menu on mouseover of the drop-down menu button (it must now be clicked). This will prevent accidental goal delete and cut operations.
* Fixed issue: resolved MS Project XML import problems.

Goalscape Connect only:

* New feature: Checkbox to show/hide list of collaborators editing or viewing the same project.
* New feature: Home Tab contains a user project list that works without opening a separate browser page or tab.
* New feature: Spellcheck dictionaries are now zipped before sending to the client, reducing loading time on startup.
* Fixed issue: Removed unnecessary data transferred during simple goal map select, focus and collapse expand operations, resulting in significant performance improvements.
* Fixed issue: Online collaborator list now cannot overwrite the goal map.
* Fixed issues: Goal map rendering errors in multi-user scenarios.
* Fixed issue: Attachment download function is now built-in and not browser-dependent behaviour.
* Fixed issue: The Share screen can now be resized for full display of long email addresses.

Changes in ver. 2.7.1 (April 8, 2013):

* New feature: Extended the commands in the goal toolbar drop-down menu and the goal map right-click context menu. Keeping both these menus as consistent as possible.
* New feature: Menu commands to Complete Progress and Zero Progress are now enabled for bottom-level subgoals.
* New feature: The keyboard hotkey shortcuts list is available via the Help menu.
* New feature: Added previous/next auto-hide buttons to attachment image popup, with keyboard shortcuts.
* New feature: Long URLs links in notes are shown in an abbreviated form when the popup is displayed.
* New feature: During attachment image Preview, L/R cursor keys open Previous/Next image.
* New feature: Updated project closing logic to support cancel of project close on app Quit (via Cancel button or ESC key) * New feature: Added labels "Hide Details" and "Show Details" on the arrow buttons that hide/show the goal properties dashboard.
* Fixed issue: Added "Lost your password?" link under the username/password input for Activation.
* Fixed issue: Added basic support for Asian languages in the DOCX export template.
* Fixed issue: DOCX exportable reports were not readable in MS-Word v14.
* Fixed issue: The goal toolbar drop-down menu now disappears when the cursor is moved away from the menu.
* Fixed issue: Missing goal Start and End Dates in Korean version.
* Fixed issue: Inaccessible Delete goal Start and End dates in Korean version.
* Fixed issue: "Link type not supported" message incorrectly displayed for valid URLs in Notes field: (a) URLs with anchor tags and other strings are now recognized; (b) If Goalscape does not recognize the protocol used in the URL link it now forwards the link to the browser to handle it.
* Fixed issue: Export to XLSX and CSV file formats now preserves newline characters in Notes field text.
* Fixed issue: Improved function 'Copy and Paste goal to a different project' to avoid person/tag duplicates and resulting errors.
* Fixed issue: Visually disconnected importance dragger control after a change to the centred goal with very small goals in very large projects.
* Fixed issue: PDF reports ignoring user pre-edit settings (to exclude certain fields) for the first goals in the report and occasionally showing "NaN" instead of page numbers in TOC and goal attribute details.
* Fixed issue: CSV export now uses comma delimiter in US English and GB English.
* Fixed issue: In MS Windows, the goal(s) being mouse-dragged were too faint.
* Fixed issue: Disabled the redundant HTML Export function.
* Fixed issue: During attached image file preview, all image display popups are closed when a different goal is selected.
* Fixed issue: The notes text should not display spellcheck red underlining when the notes are not being edited.
* Fixed issue: Removed 'Link to Basecamp' function [following API change]."

Goalscape Connect only:

* New feature: Utilizing streaming HTTP for the client/server connection for dramatic improvements in data transfer and response speeds between client and server.
* New feature: Hotkey shortcuts for major functionctions (Add Subgoal, Add Neighbor, etc) as already implemented in Goalscape Desktop.
* Fixed issue: Browser back and forward buttons now correctly navigate between the URLs for Goalscape view objects (goal and field selection).
* Fixed issue: When opening a Goalscape URL within a running Goalscape app, the browser page title now correctly changes to match the viewed object.
* Fixed issue: Increased width of Sign-in button to accommodate longer strings in some local language versions (eg French).
* Fixed issue: Changed "Forgotten your password?" to "Lost your password?".
* Fixed issue: User workspace is now always fully reset after session expiry.
* Fixed issue: URL links in notes and goal chat not always showing the correct selection.
* Fixed issue: Spellcheck was not working in Goal Chat text input.
* Fixed issue: When changing the access of an online project collaborator from View to Edit or Admin access, that online user was not immediately able to edit goal notes.
* Fixed issue: Incorrect automatic goal selection when another online collaborator is making changes to goal structure.
* Fixed issue: Problems after project Reload, including those due to errors (such as client/server connection loss).
* Fixed issue: Reduced chance of a deadlock error when multiple online users simultaneously change the goal structure under the same parent goal.
* Fixed issue: Incorrect goal map rendering occurring when 2 or more online collaborators made simultaneous changes to goal structure on the same project.
* Fixed issue: Attachment files are now added at the foot of the list in the Attachments tab, consistent with order of attachments in Chat logs; and file order is maintained after project Reload.
* Fixed issue: Attachment files are now correctly cached by the web browser.
* Fixed issue: Updated the width of the sharing popup so the content is visible in all languages.

Changes in ver. 2.7.0 (December 9, 2012):

* New feature: Relocated the Goal Edit buttons from the panel to the goal map to be more intuitive.
* New feature: 'Focus on Parent' button for easier navigation in very large goalscape projects.
* New feature: Improved Notes text formatting controls, including numbered lists and indentation options.
* Fixed issue: Possible wrong color applied to a project tab on startup.
* Fixed issue: Increased the desktop application activation request timeout from 30 to 60 seconds.
* Fixed issue: Slow or stalled Export of large projects to PDF and DOCX.
* Fixed issue: Exported DOCX report now opens correctly in MS Word version 14.
* Fixed issue: Corrected exported report date format to remove superfluous character in Italian version.
* Fixed issue: Japanese filenames in Attachments now appear correctly.
* Fixed issue: Updated Japanese, German, French and Italian strings with latest translations.
* Fixed issue: Tooltips now always appear on the goal map on mouseover of goals where there is not enough space to render the full goal name.
* Fixed Issue: Infopoint video playback now works properly on all Windows environments.
* Fixed Issue: Removed redundant direct Print function.

Goalscape Connect only:

* New feature: Relocated the Share button above the real time collaborator list to be more intuitive.
* New feature: Application startup loader shows download progress (%) for the SWF file.
* New feature: Notes area is expanded by default in Public projects.
* New feature: Updated look and feel of Sign-in/Sign-out buttons.
* New feature: Automatically include self when selecting usernames in Goal Chat email notifications list.
* New feature: Improved formatting of Goal Chat backups in downloaded GSP files.
* Fixed issue: Better handling of slow connections during workspace loading.
* Fixed issue: Home tab now not shown for users not signed in.
* Fixed issue: On MS Windows, uploaded file type defaulted to '.gsp': file type and suffix is now shown correctly.
* Fixed issue: Wrongly disabled buttons on goal attachment uploads in the Goal Chat UI.
* Fixed issue: Server error GoalNotFoundException occurring when user made certain goal structure changes rapidly and the client/server connection speed was lagging.
* Fixed issue: Removed Custom Notes tab Close button ('X') for collaborators with View-only access.

Changes in ver. 2.6.4 (March 17, 2012):

* New feature: Italian language support.
* New feature: Added Vimeo video integration (URL recognition for embedded playback).
* New feature: Fade-in/fade-out panel change animation.
* New feature: Clear search field ('X' button).
* New feature: Improved controls to Collapse and Expand levels in the goal map.
* New feature: Improved toggle controls for Expand Notes and Show Dashboard in the panel.
* New Feature: Show Dashboard/Expand Notes toggle button is now available in Full Screen Mode.
* New feature: '3D' shadow lines on Notes, Attachment and Chat fields.
* Fixed issue: Incomplete copy and paste of formatted text in goal notes.
* Fixed issue: Incremental scrolling (added standard functionality to scroll text by clicking in the scrollbar above or below the track cursor).
* Fixed issue: Panel width settings < 40% are now preserved on Exit and Restart.
* Fixed issue: Delayed or ignored character input in Search field (added an input idle timer to Search).
* Fixed issue: Notes text in Exported DOCX reports now contains all formatting (including bullets and colors).
* Fixed issue: Cursor arrow keys now work to navigate the goal map in Full Screen Mode (Goalscape Desktop only).
* Fixed issue: Asian fonts now display correctly in all tooltips and button labels.
* Fixed issue: Reviewed and updated all local languages with latest translations of new and changed strings.

Goalscape Connect only:

* New feature: Home tab to access the User Projects List (UPL) to manage projects.
* New feature: Pop-up confirmation on sign-out.
* Fixed issue: Resolved rare problem with workspace loading logic causing load exceptions and stalled 'Workspace loading projects' progress pop-up.

Changes in ver. 2.6.3 (November 24, 2011):

* New feature: Language support for: Japanese, Korean, Czech.
* New feature: Images displayed as popup or fullscreen can be closed with a single mouse click. Enhances ease of use during presentations.
* New feature: Simpler controls for attachment file viewing.
* Fixed issue: Display components now render correctly at low screen resolution (800 x 600) as used by older computers and VGA projectors.
* Fixed issue: Blank screen on startup due to an issue accessing user information in the Goalscape registry.
* Fixed issue: Removed the stalled popup "Workspace: loading projects" message, when it is due to duplicate entries in the recently open projects list.
* Fixed issue: Start and End date formats in XLSX and CSV reports now follow the correct conventions for the selected language.
* Fixed issue: After changing the name of a custom note tab, the relevant custom notes area is now selected for immediate data entry.
* Fixed issue: Renamed View menu item "Presentation Mode" to "Full Screen Mode".
* Fixed issue: Preferences screen is now draggable.
* Fixed issue: Updated all local language versions.

Goalscape Connect only:

* New feature: Goal Chat! With email notification options and in-line attachments.
* New feature: Click a user icon in the on-screen collaborators list to select the same goal as that user.
* Fixed issue: Improved client reset on user sign-out and session expiry.
* Fixed issue: Right-click context menu selections applying changes to the wrong goal.
* Fixed issue: Collaborator list layout changed; also now appears on top of the goal map when overlapped.
* Fixed issue: Missing collaborator icons in the goal map after server reconnect or project reload.
* Fixed issue: Not selecting the previously open project and goal on automatic workspace reload after a short connection timeout.
* Fixed issue: Public projects not opening in workspace when user is not signed in.
* Fixed issue: Report Preview screen showing incorrect format options.

Changes in ver. 2.6.2 (October 9, 2011):

* New feature: Set the progress of any goal (including subgoals) to fully complete or zero using the goal map context menu.
* New feature: Support for text input in Japanese or Korean characters.
* Fixed issue: Greatly improved drop placement accuracy when using drag-and-drop to move or copy goals.
* Fixed issue: In Trial Mode, possible incomplete display when starting Goalscape Desktop by opening a GSP file.
* Fixed issue: Filtering options now correctly applied to all pages in PDF reports generated via Report Preview.
* Fixed issue: Resolved possible incorrect display of Page numbers in PDF and DOCX reports (shown as 'NaN').
* Fixed issue: Updated language translations for French, Spanish and German.
* Fixed issue: Improved search capability in the online Help.
* Fixed issue: Display version of AIR or Flash with Goalscape version in the mouseover tooltip for the Goalscape logo (top left of screen).
* Fixed issue: Resolved possible unlimited width of goal panel causing corruption on restart.

Goalscape Connect only:

* New feature: Mark goals with Red, Amber or Green dots – available via the context menu (accessed by right-clicking goals in the goal map).
* New feature: Tooltips for Upload and Download buttons and related drop-down menu options.
* Fixed issue: Occasional incomplete display of online collaborators.
* Fixed issue: Previously selected project and goal is now restored correctly on sign-in.
* Fixed issue: Incomplete URL shown in web browser address window after application startup: this now includes a reference to the Notes or Attachment pane (which is immediately selected).
* Fixed issue: Possible exception when trying to remove a collaborator from a project.
* Fixed issue: Server database will now accept upload of projects that contain duplicate names in Responsible or Tag lists.
* Fixed issue: Attachment files sometimes incorrectly showed a size of 0.0 MB.
* Fixed issue: Improved error notification when opening a URL for a deleted attachment file.
* Fixed issue: iPhone app can now access projects that are not open in the Connect workspace.

Changes in ver. 2.6.1 (August 5, 2011):

* New feature: Language support for: French, Slovak.
* New feature: Spanish language updates.
* New feature: Label in main view of the goalscape to indicate linking to a Basecamp account.
* New feature: Opens with the last-selected project and goal after application quit and restart.
* New feature: New keyboard shortcut (F2) to edit goal names (MS-Windows only).
* Fixed issue: Hanging workspace loading on application start-up.
* Fixed issue: Upon application Quit, the user can choose to save or ignore unsaved projects. Now upon application restart, the list of open projects is retained.
* Fixed issue: The project open button was sometimes wrongly disabled when attempting to open a corrupt GSP file.

Goalscape Connect only:

* iPhone companion app released - syncs with projects on Connect.
* New feature: Goal URLs can now reference a specific notes, attachment or chat pane.
* New feature: Upon sign-in, there is immediate loading and selection of the last-selected project and goal.
* New feature: Online users receive a courtesy warning before any server shutdown for scheduled maintenance.
* New feature: Real time collaboration popup notice when users are editing the same goal at the same time. Explains the risk of simultaneous updates.
* Fixed issue: Goal URLs opened in Connect (for any project open in the workspace) now open in the same running instance (browser window) of Connect.
* Fixed issue: Client/server communications is now fully encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
* Fixed issue: Email addresses are no longer case sensitive when enabling collaborative project sharing.
* Fixed issue: Tags dropped during copy and paste goal.

Changes in ver. 2.5.2378.918 (June 3, 2011):

* New feature: View state for expand/collapse notes is saved per project.
* New feature: Rename Person or Tag in Highlight sidebar.
* New feature: Default color selection for custom module.
* New feature: Changed logic to determine custom module from email domain.
* New feature: Added support of OS locale for preferred language at startup.
* Fixed issue: Missing projects in workspace at startup.
* Fixed issue: Selected tab text is now dark when white background color is selected.
* Fixed issue: Template info text is now visible on white background.
* Fixed issue: Spanish language translations and UI anomalies.
* Updated Buy Now links in Welcome screen and Help menu.

Changes in ver. 2.5.2340.898 (May 6, 2011):

* New feature: Search improved to highlight matching text in selected goal notes.
* New feature: Per project preference to disable alarm clocks on goal map.
* Fixed issue: PDF and Print report generation could hang the application on certain projects.
* Fixed issue: Menu item 'Link to Basecamp Project' now reads 'Link to Basecamp Account'.

Changes in ver. 2.5.2311.888 (April 26, 2011):

* Fixed issue: Errors in Export to MindManager (MMAP).

Changes in ver. 2.5.2305.884 (April 25, 2011):

* New feature: Integration with Basecamp.
* New feature: Spellcheck for German, Spanish and UK English.
* New feature: Runtime diagnostic log file for faster code debugging.
* New feature: Responsible and Tags lists are sorted alphabetically.
* New feature: Improved layout of MindManager projects exported from Goalscape.
* Fixed issue in highlighting feature: "Hide completed goals" option not working with "Before [date]" selection.
* Fixed issue when adding person or tag: selecting new goal before pressing Enter added the entry to the wrong goal.
* Fixed issues in Spanish language mode: Incorrect date format; tooltip text not fitting within the box.
* Fixed issue: goal map image on the title page of exported PDF reports always showed all levels expanded – now matches user selection.
* Fixed issue: 50-character limit for Responsible names and Tags.
* Fixed issue: Goal map image in PDF and DOCX reports not showing goal color selection.
* Fixed issue: Faster switching between project color themes.
* Fixed issue: Incorrectly disabled Save button after goal updates.
* Fixed issue: Project not marked as 'dirty' after applying corrections via spellcheck.
* Fixed issue: Info-point videos not working.
* Fixed issue: Goal name field not being selected for editing on successive Add Subgoal or Add Neighbor operations.

Changes in ver. 2.5.2227.852 (March 20, 2011):

* New feature: Goal tags.
* New feature: Highlight goals by Date, Responsibility or Tag.
* New feature: 'Expand Notes' toggle to maximize height of notes area.
* New feature: Spanish language support.
* New feature: UK English language support.
* New feature: Simplified controls for Responsible list in goal panel.
* New feature: Clicking the '?' button at top-right of the screen opens Goalscape Help in a native window.
* Fixed issue: Correct display of text notes bullet points and indentation.
* Fixed issue: Date formats for Start and End dates in the panel comply with language selection.
* Fixed issue: Excessive CPU usage when app is idle (further improvements are ongoing).
* Fixed issues in Export functions: missing date in DOCX report; invalid date format in PDF and HTML reports; missing mouse pointer after a failed export. Added alert when import or export fails.
* Fixed issue: Importing Mindmap projects sometimes failed.
* Fixed issue: Import MS Project XML file did not cope with incorrect outline number.
* Fixed issue: Tooltip and Help menu wordings.
* Fixed issue: Preferences bug when toggling logo setting (project-specific or default).
* Fixed issue: Stalled "loading projects" popup on launch (usually when a last-open project was moved or deleted on the user's hard drive filing system).
* Fixed issue: Occasionally incorrectly disabled Save, Save As and Save Selected Subgoal As functions.
* Fixed issue: Removed Ctrl+ modifier for Insert hotkey: implemented Insert to Add Subgoal, Shift+ Insert for Add Neighbor.
* Fixed issue: Occasional incomplete toolbar error when restoring open projects on startup.

Changes in ver. 2.4.1983.775 (December 5, 2010):

* New feature: User and project preferences popup panel for: Language, colors, logo image and auto-save interval.
* New feature: Export to DOCX, XLSX, MindManager, MS Project.
* New feature: Import from MindManager, MS Project.
* New feature: Report filtering options (via the "Report preview" feature found in the File menu).
* New feature: Adjustable font sizes in goal map image (PNG) export.
* Fixed issue: Goal panel width is persistently saved for each project.
* Fixed issue: Searching now searches custom notes tab names.
* Fixed issue: Goal map image export (PNG) automatically opens the focused goal map.
* Fixed issue: Save and undo actions were incorrectly disabled in some circumstances.

Changes in ver. 2.3.1791.704 (October 4, 2010):

* New feature: Export to CSV (spreadsheet).
* Fixed issue with new bullets in user-defined text fields causing bulleting in other notes fields.

Changes in ver. 2.3.1778.696 (September 28, 2010):

* New feature: Direct Print.
* New feature: Export to PDF.
* New feature: Equalize importance.
* New feature: Automatic selection of tab for open project when attempting to re-open its .gsp file (no warning pop-up).
* New feature: Autosave. Goalscape files will autosave every 2 minutes.
* Fixed support for opening attached files in native default application when using Adobe AIR v 2.0.3.
* Fixed issue so that spellcheck corrections are always saved to the selected goal.
* Fixed issue with duplicate responsible persons for goal or project.
* Fixed issue with edits to Notes field not always being saved.

Changes in ver ver. 2.2.1582.610 (July 4, 2010):

* Service release with bug-fixes.
* Updated position of Info-point for Toolbar.
* Fix for central goal text not being resized properly.
* Fix for customNotes tab index causing crashes when dragging goals.
* Fix for search focus issue related to results not being updated on click, results not being closed on mouse out and popup management.
* Fixed issue with clearing the project recent list when updating from 2.1 to 2.2
* Fixed issue with shortcut CMD + (SHIFT +) G for adding goals that can now be always used.

Changes in ver. 2.2.1571.597 (June 28, 2010):

* Updated application descriptor to force Goalscape Desktop to use the latest AIR version 2.0.2.
* Substantial internal code refactoring to provide a common code base for Goalscape Desktop and Goalscape Connect.
* New spellcheck feature for Notes and goal names.
* New InfoPoint feature for easy access to video tutorials for all major functions.
* New intuitive goal name editing feature to change the goal name text in the goal map itself.
* New alarm clock icon for goals with overdue end dates.
* New automatic restore feature: on startup Goalscape opens all goalscapes that were open on last exit.
* Fixed issue with GoalPanel background color not changing properly when exiting fullscreen Presentation Mode view.
* Amended tooltip for the goal map collapse/expand levels controls.
* Visual adjustments (various).
* Fixed issue with tooltip placement on collapsed goal arcs.
* Increased the maximum length of a goal name from 72 characters to 100.
* Signed app with an AIR migration certificate (after expiry of previous certificate).
* Fixed issue with storing notesTabIndex and related undo/redo functionality.

Changes in ver. 2.1.1326.538 (March 18, 2010):

* Updated application descriptor to force Goalscape Desktop to use the latest AIR version 1.5.3.
* Service updates: Flash report and goal marking.
* Added sub-header in HTML export report for Notes.
* Improved text truncation in goal map names.
* Fixed issue with double click on Presentation Mode from full-screen to normal on attachments preview.
* Fixed drawing issue for LevelIndicator.
* Fixed default width of property panel for Get Started project.
* Fixed issue with progress on centered goal not updating.
* Fixed issue with Search in user-defined text fields.
* Fixed minor issue so GSP XML files are more compact when goals have no user-defined text fields.

Changes in ver. 2.1.1253.513 (February 17, 2010):

* New feature enabling a fullscreen presentation mode. Enabled in the View pull down top menu.
* Improved attachment handling for better presentations. Previews of images (photos or diagrams). Easy recognition of broken links. View images within Goalscape in a popup or fullscreen. With AIR 2.0, attachments can be opened without the web browser.
* German release notes link points to the English page.
* Fixed error in the German version of the Get Started template so it can be opened.
* Fixed app window startup size logic so it falls back to default sizing if opened on a different screen.
* Fixed missing custom notes and attachments in the File->Export->HTML report.
* Fixed issue where GSP files sometimes did not open if they contained goals with very small Importance.
* Fixed Ctrl-G shortcut on Mac so it works like Command-G.
* Fixed HTML report hanging when centered goal is not the Main goal. With the limitation that when HTML report is triggered, the goalmap is shifted to Main goal.
* Fixed issue with failed tab selection upon editing custom notes and then selecting the attachments tab or notes tab.
* Fixed MS-Windows issue with the Get Started template being incorrectly selected after starting Goalscape by double-click on a GSP file in the file manager.
* Fixed issue with lingering invalid items in project recent open list.
* Fixed issue with renaming of goals using goalmap single-click.

Changes in ver. 2.1.1185.495 (February 1, 2010):

* Changed default background color to "Graphite".
* Added calendar tooltip messages for disabled goal dates.
* Added the ability to delete dates for a goal.
* Improved goalmap text resizing mechanism to better handle long-one-word text.
* Improved notes search results to be more compact.
* Changed the order and enabled/disabled state of some goalmap right-click context-menu items.
* Fixed issue with an inability to select goals in the goalmap.
* Fixed issue with not being able to remove the goal rename popup text entry box.
* Fixed issue with removal of stale items in project recent list.
* Fixed issue on MS-Windows where the Getting Started Template was incorrectly shown on program startup, instead of the project for the file opened to start the app.
* Fixed issue with goal responsibles when doing copy-n-paste from other projects.
* Fixed drag-n-drop issue caused by the goal rename popup.
* Fixed irregular goalname text sizing issues in older goalscape projects. IE. Restore default sizing upon open of older projects.

Changes in ver. 2.1.1138.467 (January 12, 2010):

* Major performance improvements to the visual goal map.
* Bug fixes and improvements for the goal name text auto-resizing.
* Background color theme perference option.
* Added support for storing application window position and dimension
* Resolved issue on Windows with not preserving folder on project Save As directory after project Open
* Increased license activation service timeout
* Added support for goal copy/paste with customNotes and attachment on goal
* Changed goal coloring button to check box for coloring goal children
* Notes/Attachments/Custom Notes tab selection is kept during Goalscape session and also stored in gsp file.
* Improved application quitting with more dirty projects
* Fix for not showing text on collapsed arcs irrespectively of text resizing logics.
* Fixed wrong positioning of importance adjustment thumb.
* Fixed wrong positioning of the pie when changing centered goal.
* Fix for not loading relativeFontSize when opening GSP files.
* Fixed inconsistencies when changing centered goal.
* Fix for borders handling when going up one level form centered goal.
* Fix for the jumping text size and color in the centred goal.
* Fix of PNG export that was hanging the app.
* Fixed pie drawing on HTML export.

Changes in ver. 2.0.1058.441 (December 3, 2009):

* Updates to the Getting Started project template.
* German version of the Getting Started template.
* Release notes web link works correctly when the German locale is enabled.
* Increased the width of the help window.
* Clicking on the Goalscape logo in header will open up the About Us page on
* Enhanced goal borders by enabling the drop shadow filter.
* Bug fix: GoalColorPopup was not always correctly displaying the goal color in a check box.
* Bug fix: Undo/Redo buttons were not correctly enabled/disabled when adding a project after closing all other projects.
* Bug fix: Selected goal in the goal map did not always change its progress correctly if the progress was set to zero.
* Bug fix: Goal map font size changing via the context menu changes the goal under the mouse pointer and not the selected goal.
* Bug fix: Changing the font size will correctly set project dirty (unsaved) state
* Bug fix: Resolved problem with attachments listed in multiple views inside search results
* Bug fix: Runtime error sometimes popped out when closing Goalscape after creating a custom notes tabs
* Bug fix: Resolved issue for goals with small importance and color set

Changes in ver. 2.0.987.410 (November 20, 2009):

* Implemented user selection of background color options. See the help menu. Default color is now "Graphite".
* Implemented the Getting Started default goalscape.
* Implemented goal coloring feature.
* Implemented user definable text notes tabs.
* Search improvements: grouped search results. Result for all open projects.
* Keyboard shortcut handling improvements:
- Consistent behavior from any menu etc.
- Arrow keys for goal map navigation.
* Goal map performance improvments (minor).
* Goal map context menu changes (rewording).
* Changed English words Child to Subgoal, and Sibling to Neighbor.
* The initial 'Save' will prompt for saving a .gsp file with the name of the project's main goal.
* Improvements to visual styles for responsible popup.
* Changed minimum size for application to 970 x 600.
* Moved position of the "Recent goalscapes" item in the file menu.
* Added a release notes link to the help menu.
* Use new 14-day trial period for new users and preserve old 30-day trial periods for old ones
* Bug fix: fontStyle for date labels.
* Bug fix: Progress locked focus issue when having search results displayed.
* Bug fix: Resolved disabling of Add Sibling menu item in context-menu in read-only mode

Changes in ver. 2.0.817.354 (October 15, 2009):

* Data search feature implemented. Searching the goals in the currently focused (centred) view.
* Language localisation feature added. See the help menu. German text loaded.
* User control over the width of the goal properties panel versus the goalscape image.
* Disabled misleading hand shaped mouse pointer on responsibility buttons.
* File menu change so the recent open project list size increased from 10 to 15.
* Improved error handling of gsp open failures for files made with old program v0.9
* Changes to the appearance of the main toolbar buttons/icons. "New" button removed since we have the "+" button in the tab navigator.
* Change to a minimal UI scrollbar for long notes text.
* Simplified the file attachments pane. However still using attachments as links to external files.
* Changes and additions to the goal buttons in the top of the goal properties panel.
* Renamed some items in the right click context popup menu.
* Reduced choice of notes text font sizes to even sized fonts.
* Various changes to the project tab navigator. Including a different method of indicating an un-saved project.
* Bug fix: Drag and drop Was not always working for very large goalscapes.
* Bug fix: For notes text formatting controls. Eg. when typing bulleted text or using the colour picker.
* Bug fix: The goal progress slider was not updating after a goal paste operation.
* Bug fix: Handling multiple app quit commands and redundant "... save your changes?" alerts for modified projects.
* Bug fix: Display positioning of the red error tips for the goal edit buttons.
* Bug fix: Disabled focus (shift to centre) on goals with no children.

Changes in ver. 2.0.687.315 (September 17, 2009):

* Changes to styling and some content of error tip and help tips.
* Updated EULA text.

Changes in ver 2.0.667.306 (September 12, 2009)

* Context menu (right click) item re-wordings.
* HTML report output changes to line spacing.
* ErrorTip popup message for limitations imposed on importance drag to maximum.
* Modified undo/redo logic to preserve history after saving the project.

Changes in ver. 2.0.658.298 (September 10, 2009):

* Export report to HTML.
* Centre goal progress shading is area % instead of radius %.
* Renamed and added pie context menu (right click) options.
* Various colour changes.
* Default notes text size is now 14pt (was 12).
* Disabled the experimental export to PDF report.
* Larger default app window startup size (90%).
* Help menu changes.
* Welcome popup - has Watch video tutorial instead of Watch video intro.
* Bug fix: Prevent GSP file corruption issue when goal importance becomes extremely small.
* Bug fix: Drag+drop works for locked goals.
* Bug fix: Drag+drop copy to same level positioning of dropped goal.
* Bug fix: Save button correctly ignored if no projects are open.
* Bug fix: The "fully collapsed view anomoly" is resolved.

Changes in ver. 1.98.568.251 (August 10, 2009):

* Fixed problem on Mac with AIR 1.5.2, where the Quit menu option was ignored, and the About menu option created two version popup windows.
* Renamed menu option in File->Export.

Changes in ver. 1.98.554.236 include:

* Fixed problem with main goal importance incorrectly being 0%. Should be 100.

Changes in ver. 1.98.552.235 include:

* Trial of importance change in main pie via corner marker drag.
* On Macs, the native OS menu has the hide and hide others options. For a more native feel.
* Added as "Save Selected Subgoal As..." feature in the native OS drop down File menu.
* Export PDF report option is now enabled. Known issues with PDF: No progress indicator, page break issue, no text search in PDF, no links in PDF, large PDF file.
* Added support for exporting to PNG Image of the current pie view.
* Notes supports users typing the TAB key into the text.
* Bug fixes pertaining to deletion and moving of locked goals.
* Improvements to undo/redo regarding smarter goal selection.
* Double-click on gsp file opens a new project during trial period.
* Bug fixes regarding moving of locked goals.
* Performance optimisations: Panel animation is now after the pie transitioning.
* Clock timer pointer (to show the program is processing) when the pie is transitioning.
* Fixed tutorial tips issues when app is opening or closing.
* About popup window is now a native OS window.

Changes in ver. 1.98.494.209 include:

* Language (charset) support in the notes and goal name text, for most European languages.
* Fixed application exit logic (Quit in Mac OS menu).
* If program is minimised on the desktop (PC taskbar or Mac Dock), then restore its window upon gsp file open or drop to icon.
* No "new" project opened if starting goalscape to open an existing gsp project.
* Partial bug fix for colour picker in the goal notes pane.
* Pie context menu wording changes.
* Pie context menu delete button disabled when it should be.
* Pie context menu has a "rename" option for the goal name.
* Changed English wording on various view popup tooltips.
* Dashboard (goal form) controls changes: eg. Text entry feature for importance and progress values.
* Notes text entry permits entering of URL links.
* Date (parent/child) integrity checks with auto-adjust upon gsp file open and load from XML.
* OS (native) menu is populated with new Goalscape Desktop items, including the "Recent goalscapes" submenu.
* Application menu using text labeled buttons and different internal UI component.
* Keyboard shortcuts enabled for some common user functions.
* Goal delete button correctly disabled for any centred goal.
* Undo/redo works for changes to the focus of the main pie or the number of collapsed outer levels.
* Support for the ctrl-A or cmd-A text select all shortcut.
* Added smart undoable context-sensitive goal selections.
* Prevent and warn upon goal drag in main pie, if the goal cannot be deleted. Previously the user only saw the drop refusing to work.

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