Undo and Redo

Click the Undo icon at the top of the screen to Undo the last operation.

Undo applies to nearly all changes to the structure of the goal map or the attributes of goals: adddelete or move subgoals; change Importance or lock it; update Progress; apply color; select or deselect people Responsible; change goal names or Notes text or formatting. It also applies to view changes: focus view, collapse and expand levels. 

Undo does not apply to: manual adjustments to goal name font sizes; adding or deleting Attachments; or setting Start and End dates (although it does apply to changes you make to them).

There is no limit to the number of operations you can Undo. You can go all the way back to the state of the goalscape when you Opened it - even if you have Saved it in the meantime.

You can also access the Undo function using Edit, Undo in the menu bar or Ctrl+ z in Windows (cmd+ z on the Mac).

To redo actions you have undone, click on the Redo icon. You can repeat this as many times as required to Redo all the actions you have undone.

You can also access the Redo function using Edit, Redo in the menu bar or Ctrl+ y in Wimdows (cmd+ y on the Mac).

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