Tracking Progress


Goalscape allows you to track your progress (percentage complete) at any level of detail. Progress is entered in the bottom-level goals (sometimes referred to as 'tasks') because that's where the action happens.

Once you have decided how to measure progress for a bottom-level goal, you can specify relevant milestones in its Notes area. As you pass each milestone, update the progress for that goal accordingly.

Alternatively you can break down the goal into subgoals that represent each milestone. These lowest-level goals could be 'binary' - either not done (0% complete) or done (100% complete). You need to set their importances appropriately: for example, if you have milestones for a goal at 30%, 50%, 90% and 100% complete, set the importances of its binary subgoals to reflect the increments: 30%, 20%, 40% and 10%. It is also a good idea to create such subgoal sets in order of completion, so they appear clockwise on their parent.

To enter progress in a bottom-level subgoal (one with no subgoals below it), select the goal and adjust the progress by dragging the Progress slider in the panel – or enter (or change) the digits in the text field before the '%' sign.

Goalscape displays progress as darker shading filling up the goal slice from the outside in - towards the main goal. The amount of shading represents the percentage complete for that goal.

When you complete a goal, you can simply click the checkbox in the panel header next to the goal name: the progress slider jumps to 100% and shading fills the entire goal.

The aggregate progress of all subgoals (based on their importance) is shown in the parent – and in all higher-level goals right up to the main goal.

In the main goal itself the overall progress appears as a shaded circle growing outwards from the centre. Its size is directly proportional to the percentage complete. 

Click here to watch a short video about progress. 

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