Starting Goalscape

The Goalscape screen has two main elements: 

  • The goal map on the left of the Goalscape screen is a visual representation of a hierarchical goal structure
  • The panel on the right contains all the goal details and the controls to change them

  • The Goal Edit drop-down menu has all the functions to add, deletecopy and move goals and update attributes like Color and Mark

The first time you start Goalscape you see an open goalscape "Get started with Goalscape", with its central circle (the main goal) selected and highlighted. The Notes field in the panel contains a brief introduction.

The three sections immediately outside the main goal (the level 1 subgoals) contain background on goal setting; a user guide; and some templates. You can navigate around the goal map using the mouse or cursor arrow keys, select different goals and read the content.

The thin gray vertical wedge at 12 o'clock is the Anchor Bar. It orients the goalscape and holds the down and up arrows ( and ) that collapse and expand levels.

New blank goalscapes open with a  main goal and three equal level 1 subgoals. If you need more than three Level 1 subgoals you can add more; and if you need only two (the minimum complexity of analysis) you can delete one.

Once you have saved a goalscape to give it a filename and location, Goalscape will autosave it every 2 minutes (you can change this interval in Preferences).

There is a short video about the UI here and a full video Tutorial here.

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