You can search all open goalscapes for text strings that appear in any notes text or in the names of goals, people responsible or attached files.

Just click in the search field next to the search icon () at the top right of the screen and enter text (3 characters minimum). The results list shows all the goals where that text appears, whether it is in the current goal map view; somewhere else in that goalscape ("out of focus goals"); or in any goalscapes open in other tabs. Within each group, the results are ordered according to whether the text appears as (part of) a Person, Goal name, Note, or Attachment (filename). 

You can easily find the goal you are looking for by clicking on its name in the results list: it will be selected and highlighted in the goal map. If the selected goal is not in the current view, Goalscape will automatically change view or even tab to show you where it is. 

This is a quick way to find all the goals for which someone is responsible; if more than one person is responsible for any goal, that goal will of course appear when you search for either name.

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