Save Selected Subgoal As

You can save a subgoal as a separate goalscape (file) in its own right. This allows you to share certain parts of a large goalscape while keeping the rest confidential; or to split work across different people or teams.

Select the subgoal you want to copy out, then click File, Save Selected Subgoal As. A Save window will appear and you can choose a filename and location. By default, Goalscape will give the file the name of the subgoal.

It is easy to reinsert an updated subgoal back into your overall goalscape:

  1. Open the (updated) subgoal goalscape in another tab
  2. Select the central goal and click the Copy button () in its panel
  3. Open the overall goalscape
  4. Select the subgoal you copied out, note its importance and delete it - its parent will become the selected goal
  5. Click the Paste button () in its panel
  6. The updated subgoal will reappear as the newest subgoal (furthest clockwise), with default importance
  7. Change the importance to the figure you noted down earlier
  8. If you need to move it to a different position on the same parent, you can do so using drag & drop.

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