Save and Save As

Saves your goalscape. You can use the Save icon (Wide Save icon) at the top of the screen; or File > Save on the menu bar; or Ctrl+ S (Windows) or cmd+ S (Mac OSX).

The first time you save a new goalscape it will open the Save As window for you to choose a filename and a destination folder. You need only enter the name only; Goalscape will append the .gsp suffix. You can also rename or move an existing goalscape, using the File > Save As menu option.

Once you have Saved a new project, Autosave will overwrite the file every 2 minutes by default – you can adjust this interval in the Preferences screen. Autosave also aplies to existing files you open, so if you want to keep the original you will need to Save As straight away to give your updated version its own name or location.

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