Responsibility and Tags

When working in teams you can enter the name of the person responsible for any goal.

Select a subgoal and click on the 'person' button () in the Responsible field. A drop-down window will appear, with a text field at the foot. Enter a name, then click the '+ Add' button to the right (or simply press 'Return'). Your entry will appear in an alphabetical list, with a check next to it to show that the person is responsible for this goal.

Once you have added names or initials, when you click the 'person' button in any other goal, the list will appear with all names unchecked. To select someone as responsible for that goal, simply check the box. You can add new names to the list at any time, from any goal.

The Responsibility list will stay visible as you move around the goalscape, selecting other goals. To close it, click the 'X' at top right of the window and it will disappear. The names of those responsible for any goal will still appear in the Responsible field of that goal.

You can also use contextual Tags to indicate common properties of goals in different areas of a project.

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