Open a new or existing project

Goalscape uses a browser-type interface so you can open a new blank project in several different ways:

  • Cick the '+' tab to the right of the tabs for open goalscapes at the top of the screen
  • Select 'File, New' on the menu bar
  • Use Ctrl+n (PC Windows) or cmd+n (Mac OSX)

You can open previously saved goalscapes in a few different ways too:

  • Click the Open icon () at the top left of the screen
  • Select File > Open on the menu bar
  • Use Ctrl+o (Windows) or cmd+o (Mac OSX). A window will appear so you can select the relevant directory and find the file by name. Goalscape files have the suffix "gsp".
  • Drag a Goalscape file (.gsp) from an open directory (or Finder window) onto the Goalscape application screen (select it and drag it by holding left-click as you move the mouse).

If you want to open a goalscape you have recently saved, use File > Recent Goalscapes. This brings up a list of the last 15 goalscapes you have opened - the most recent at the top.

You can open multiple new or existing goalscapes in parallel. Each will open in its own tab and you can quickly switch between them by clicking on the appropriate tab.

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