The Notes field is for entering additional information about each goal, such as cost and time estimates; potential benefits (or other reasons for pursuing that goal); potential issues; risk and impact analysis; progress metrics and milestones.

Click anywhere in the Notes field to select it then type in any text. You can reformat or resize it by selecting it and using the icons that appear at the foot of the panel. You can also copy and paste text into the Notes field from other areas of your goal map or from other applications. To cut, copy and paste text in the Notes field, use the standard hotkey shortcuts Ctrl+ X, Ctrl+ C, Ctrl+ V, (PC Windows) or cmd+ X, cmd+ C, cmd+ V (Mac OSX); or the corresponding right-click functions; or the functions in the drop-down list under Edit in the menu bar.

There are standard formatting options (bold, italic, underline; change font size or color, change justification and apply bullets)

You can even insert hyperlinks by selecting a block of text, then simply writing (or pasting) the URL in the link box that opens at the foot of the field.

To select everything in any text field (including entire goal names in the panel or pop-up text box) you can use Ctrl+ A (PC Windows) or cmd+ A (Mac OSX).

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