Moving and Copying goals

You can move any goal to any other position in the goalscape - at the same level or at a different level. To do so, select it then drag and drop it to the new location by holding down the left mouse button, moving the cursor and releasing it at the target. As you move the mouse, Goalscape will indicate the destination with a thin red bar.

To copy a subgoal, press the Ctrl key (PC Windows) or alt key (Mac OSX) as you drag it with the left mouse button. (On the Mac you may need to use cmd+ alt, depending on your keyboard Preferences.)

You can also move or copy a subgoal by selecting it and using the Cut or Copy buttons at the top of its panel, then selecting the destination parent and clicking the Paste button. You can use this method to move or copy goals to entirely different goalscapes and you can even copy a Main Goal and paste it as a subgoal into a different goalscape.

When you move a subgoal to a different position on the same parent all its attributes are maintained, including its Importance; and all its neighbors' importances are unchanged.

When you move or a subgoal to a different parent, all its attributes are maintained except its importance, which is set to the default value of a new subgoal on that parent. All remaining subgoals on its source parent (except locked ones) will increase in importance, maintaining their importances relative to each other. Similarly, all the neighbors at its new location (except locked ones) will reduce in importance, maintaining their importances relative to each other.

Moving or copying a subgoal will also move or copy all its subgoals with it.

Note that you cannot move a subgoal that has all its neighbors locked; although you can still copy it.

If you want to move a locked goal to a different position on the same parent, use drag and drop: it will remain locked and maintain its importance. If you copy a locked goal onto the same parent the copy will be unlocked and given default importance. If you want to move or copy a locked goal to a different parent you cannot drag and drop it: you have to unlock it first.

When you Paste locked goals onto the same or another parent they are always unlocked automatically as part of the operation.

There is a short video here that explains moving and copying goals.

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