Hotkey Shortcuts

Goalscape supports hotkey shortcuts for all major functions:

FunctionWindowsMac OS XApplication windowHide GoalscapeN/Acmd+ HHide othersN/Acmd+ alt+ HExit or QuitCtrl+ Qcmd+ QFile functionsNew goalscapeCtrl+ Ncmd+ NOpen existing goalscapeCtrl+ Ocmd+ OSaveCtrl+ Scmd+ SCloseCtrl+ Wcmd+ WPrintCtrl+ Pcmd+ PEdit functionsRename goalF2 or Click goal twiceClick goal twiceUndoCtrl+ Zcmd+ ZRedoCtrl+ Y or Ctrl+ Shift+ Zcmd+ Y or cmd+ shift+ ZCut (goal or text)Ctrl+ Xcmd+ XCopy (goal or text)Ctrl+ Ccmd+ CPaste (goal or text)Ctrl+ Vcmd+ VSelect All (text in a field)Ctrl+ Acmd+ ASpecial CharactersN/Acmd+ alt+ TIncrease goal name font Ctrl+ +cmd+ +Decrease goal name font Ctrl+ -cmd+ -StructureAdd SubgoalInsert or Ctrl+ Gcmd+ GAdd NeighborShift+ Insert orCtrl+ Shift+ Gcmd+ shift+ GDelete goalCtrl+ Backspacecmd+ deleteViewsFocus view on a goalDouble-click the goalDouble-click the goalFocus view on the parentDouble-click the central goalDouble-click the central goalGo to main viewDouble-click the miniatureDouble-click the miniature

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