Goalscape allows you to 'zoom in' to focus on specific areas by viewing a goal as the center of its own goal map. This does not apply to the main goal (since it is already at the center); nor does it apply to any lowest-level goals (since they have no subgoals to display).

To focus on a goal simply double-click on it. Alternatively you can right-click on it, then select 'Focus View on this Goal'. The goalscape will redraw showing the selected subgoal as the central goal. NB right-click is context-sensitive so it will apply to whichever subgoal you right-click, whether or not it is selected and highlighted.

When you are in focus view a dark gray miniature of the main goalscape appears at top left of the screen. This does not show any subgoal names, but the area on which you are focusing appears as a lighter section; and the selected subgoal is always highlighted. This miniature updates in real time, changing shape to reflect any changes you make (adddelete or move goals, change importance, etc).

When you focus view on a goal all the relative importances of its subgoals (and all their subgoals) are maintained, as is any Progress and all other details. You can change any details on any goals in this view; you can even delete them (except the central one) or add new ones. All such changes are of course preserved when you change view again.

You can perform multiple focus view operations to zoom in progressively on lower and lower level goals (except those at the very lowest level).

To revert to the main goalscape view, simply double-click on the miniature. Alternatively you can right-click on the central goal and select 'Go to Main Goal'.

To go up just one level at a time, double-click the central goal; you can also right-click on it and select 'Go to Parent Goal'. 

There is a short video about focus view here.

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