Color Coding and Goal Marks

Applies color to the borders of individual goals, subgoal areas or entire sectors.

Right-click on a goal and select 'Color goal' from the context menu.  A palette will appear with a choice of seven colors and a button 'Also color Subgoals'. If you use 'Also color Subgoals' to color-code an area of your goal map, any new subgoals you create in that area will also inherit the color attribute. You can still select another color (or no color) for individual goals (and their subgoals) within that area.

If you move a color-coded goal to a different parent it will retain its color, whatever the color of its parent and neighbors.  You can always re-apply the standard color to an entire sector: simply right-click on a common ancestor of all the goals you wish to change and click 'Also color Subgoals'.

You might wish to reserve Red for goals that are critical, urgent or potentially problematic.

You can also add Red, Amber or Green Goal Marks using the relevant option in the Goal Edit menu.

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