Collapse and Expand levels

You may wish to concentrate only on certain levels of a goalscape: for instance in a high level strategy meeting you might want to look at only the highest level subgoals and ignore the detail captured in the lower levels. Goalscape therefore allows you to 'collapse' levels from the outside inwards.

To collapse levels click on the 'down arrow () on the Anchor Bar at 12 o'clock. The outermost level will collapse, becoming a thin band. The remaining levels will grow in size to increase clarity. You can still select the goals on collapsed levels, although their names are hidden (they appear in tooltips on mouseover).

You can collapse every level up to the first level of subgoals. To maintain your preferred level of detail, the number of visible levels stays the same if you focus view on a subgoal. If you collapse levels when you are in focus view, the number of visible levels is maintained when you change view again.

To expand a previously collapsed level of the goalscape, click on the "up arrow" () on the Anchor Bar.

There is a short video about collapsing levels here.

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