As well as using text or links in the Notes (or other text fields), you can capture further details on any goal by attaching files in any format, including pictures and video clips.

Select a goal and click the Attachments tab on its panel (shown by the paper clip icon paper clip icon), then click the 'Attach file' button. A directory window will appear: find the file you want to attach and click the Open (or Select) button.

Once you have attached files to a goal, their file icons and names will appear in a list on the Attachments field, with the date and time they were attached. 

You can open attached files by double-clicking their icons. Files will open in their native applications or according to your default settings. Image files (.png and .jpg) also have 'Show' and 'Fullscreen' options to open them; they also display a thumbnail of the image when you mouse over their icons.

You can find your attachments by entering part or all of their filenames (3 characters minimum) in the Search window.

Attachments are currently implemented as links to the relevant locations on your hard drive, rather than embedded copies of the files themselves. If you email your goalscape or copy it to a different computer, it will not retain those files: you must attach them manually. We are working on a better way to handle this.

To delete an attached file, click the trashcan icon (trash can icon )to the right of its details in the Attachment field. This breaks the link but does not delete the file from its original location on your hard drive.

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