Add and Delete goals

To add a subgoal to any goal, select the goal and click on the Add Subgoal button at the top of its panel; you can also use Ctrl+ G (PC Windows) or cmd+ G (Mac OSX). 

Alternatively you can right-click on the goal and select 'Add Subgoal' from the context menu. Note that right-click is context-sensitive, so it will add a subgoal to whichever goal you right-click (whether or not that goal is selected and highlighted). New subgoals always appear at the last clockwise position - the furthest right 'looking outwards' from the parent.

You can also add a new goal as a neighbor of the selected goal – that is, as a subgoal of the same parent. Use the Add Neighbor button in its panel; or Ctrl+ Shift+ G (cmd+ shift+ G on a Mac); or right-click on any goal and select Add Neighbor from the context menu. The new neighbor will appear next to the selected (or right-clicked) goal. This function is not available on the main goal (which of course cannot have neighbors); nor is it available on the central goal in focus view (whose neighbors are not visible in that view).

As soon as a new goal is created, it is automatically selected and its name field is activated – so you can start entering its name straight away.

All new subgoals of the same parent (neighbors) default to equal importance. While the importance of all previously existing (unlocked) neighbors decreases, they always maintain the same ratios to each other.

You can add multiple subgoals to your main goal or any other goal. If you add so many that the slices become very thin, their names may be curtailed or even disappear completely. If that happens, the hidden names will appear on a pop-up tooltip when you mouse over the subgoal slice.

You can add as many levels of subgoals as you need to complete your analysis. Even the most complex project (or life!) should however not require more than 10 levels.

To delete a goal, select it and click on the 'trash' icon () at the top of its panel; or you can use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Backspace (PC/Windows) or cmd+backspace (Mac/OSX). You can also right-click on it and select Delete Goal from the drop-down list. (Beware: right-click is context-sensitive so it this will delete whichever subgoal you right-clicked, whether or not it is selected and highlighted.)

When you delete a goal, all its neighbors increase in importance, maintaining their proportions to each other (except any that are locked).

Deleting a goal will also delete all its subgoals.

Note that you may not delete a goal that has all its neighbors locked.

These short videos explain adding and deleting goals.

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