You have come to this page from our Legacy (pre-2022) version of Goalscape.

Our new Goalscape Web Application is here: goalscape.app: it's back in the browser, and as well as a fresh UI it has many exciting new features. 

You can also check out the new Goalscape website and blog.

If you are new to Goalscape we recommend you go straight to the latest Goalscape Web App. And if you are a legacy user we would encourage you to migrate soon.* 

For an introduction to the new version, please watch our quick intro video below.

There is an overview of the current and future features here.

We are continuing to support any of our existing customers who still want to use our legacy products:

Keep achieving great goals!

Marcus Baur - Goalscape founder & CEO

* If you already have a Goalscape account and cannot remember your password the first time you visit the Web App, please reset it using the old Password-Reset page. If you have a current Yearly or Monthly subscription it is valid for the web app; if not, you will start a new Free Trial. 

To migrate your old goalscapes to the 'new world' , just upload them to the Web App – see the video + instructions in our Migrating goalscapes blogpost.

** Although we are still supporting the legacy Desktop app for existing licensees we are no longer selling that software. We are however working on a new downloadable app: when you are offline you will be able to work on your personal goalscapes (any not shared with others), then when you reconnect to the internet it will sync with your cloud account. This app will be available for anyone with a valid Yearly subscription, and customers will be able to continue to use the new app offline even after their subscription expires; to receive ongoing support (including software updates), they will need to re-subscribe will be available for anyone who has a Yearly subscription; and a valid Yearly subscription will also be required for. Watch out for our announcements... 

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